Privacy Statement of Ray Bower Appraisals Inc.

Our Services
provides a wide range of Real Estate services including:
Residential Properties
  • purchase and sale due diligence
  • mortgage financing and employee transfer appraisals
  • matrimonial and other property value disputes
  • expropriation, partial takings, easements etc.
  • marketability & feasibility studies
  • subdivisions & vacant residential lands
  • condominium projects, multi family development
  • assessment appeals, insurance decisions
  • compliance & forensic report reviews
Commercial, Industrial and Investment Properties
  • purchase and sale due diligence
  • mortgage financing appraisals, mortgagor appraisals
  • lease arbitration, vacancy studies
  • highest & best use studies
  • expropriations, partial takings, easements
  • assessment appeals, insurance decisions
  • investment return studies
  • compliance & forensic report reviews
Litigation and Consultation
  • compliance & forensic report reviews
  • preparation of expert consulting & appraisal reports
  • expert testimony, litigation and arbitration
  • expropriation appraisals & review reports
  • trial preparation of testimony & exhibits
Other Services
  • property advisory services
  • water and air rights analysis
  • data collection and analysis
  • leasehold interests & arbitration
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